Our fee increase

This year's annual fee increase will be following for each session and this will take place from 03.04.2017

Fees are payable 52 weeks a year including all Bank Holidays and are due a month in advance. Please note there is an annual fee increase. If you have paid your month's fees prior to this, but you are starting after, you will be expected to pay the difference.

All fees are inclusive for nappies, wipes, breakfast, snacks, tea and milk or water.

We have an annual charge for sun cream in March.

Fees for children under two years

8am - 1pm = £33.90
1pm - 6pm = £33.90
8am - 6pm = £57.52
8am - 3:30 pm = £50.87

Fees for children aged two and above

8am - 1pm = £30.32
8am - 3.30pm = £43.06
8am - 4.30pm = £48.97
1pm - 6pm = £30.32
8am - 6pm = £51.17

After school collection and session

3pm - 6pm = £15.75 (From Elm Grove Only)


For more enquiries regarding our fees, please call 

01273 709 595

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