Registered for children from 3 to 5 years to play and learn together before they start school.

Brighton & Hove Pre-School

Our Pre-School as provided high quality care and education for children aged 3 – 5 since 1988.

We have close links for children transitioning into the school and where we also provide an after-school club

Our highly qualified and experienced team consist of a very experienced Qualified Teacher, an Early Years Teacher and Level 3 Manager. Our Nursery Practitioners are all qualified to level 2 and 3.

We update our skills regularly and are up to date with current practice and Early Years legislation. This enables children to benefit from learning and development that is creative, inspired and focused.

    Safe for your children

    All staff have completed a 12 hour Paediatric First Aid Course, which is renewed every 3 years. Staff have excellent knowledge of the Safeguarding and Welfare requirements in the Early Years Foundation Stage and are able to observe, assess and plan for individual children. 

    We pride ourselves on promoting children’s independence and equipping them with skills to support them in their next stage of learning.

      Our setting is organised in a way to promote freedom of choice and autonomy. We ensure we listen to the voice of the child, consider their views and interests and plan accordingly. Children contribute to the planning and delight in organising their own learning. Guided of course by our experienced team.

      We make the most of our big outside space and encourage children to be outside and learn.  We go outside in all weathers and visit local parks and places of interest when ratio’s allow.

      We offer experiences that cover the seven areas of learning in the EYFS and plan to encourage playing and exploring, active learning and creating and thinking critically. Varied and interesting opportunities are carefully thought out, based on individual children’s interests and developmental next steps.

      We have a strong Key Person system, which enhances the relationship between parents/carers and children. We keep parents updated with progress and development via an online learning journal and informal chats as required. We include parents in children’s learning and confidently support parents on how to continue learning at home.

      We achieved a ‘Healthy Choice Award’ for our food menus. Every day we provide a healthy breakfast, lunch, two snacks and late afternoon home cooked tea, which is cooked on the premises.

      All our meals are calculated to provide a balanced diet over the course of a week. Our menus rotate to provide a variety.

      We take safeguarding and the welfare of our children extremely seriously and work with a wide range of professionals to ensure all children are fully supported.

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      Baby Unit

      Pepper Pot Nursery After School Club

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       Pepper Pot Nursery

      We work in partnership with families to provide the highest quality childcare in a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment.

      The nursery is purpose-designed with interactive areas for a variety of educational activities.


      Pepper Pot Pre School

      Activities take place to encourage children to focus, these can include circle times, group times, books, cooking, and general activities.

      Our planning is based on the interests & needs via observations.

      Fees and payments

      All fees are inclusive of nappies, wipes, breakfast, snacks, lunch and tea unless stated below and fees are due one month in advance

      Fees for children under two years 

      Sessions Cost 

      8 am – 1 pm = £40.70
      8 am – 3.30 pm = £59.39
      1 pm – 6 pm = £39.05
      8 am – 6 pm = £66.90

      Hourly rates outside of these sessions above will be charged at £8.00

      Fees for children aged two years and above 

      Sessions Cost 

      8 am – 1 pm = £37.50
      8 am – 3.30 pm = £51.45
      8 am – 4.30 pm = £58.99
      1 pm – 6 pm = £36.95
      8 am – 6 pm = £60.50

      Hourly rates outside of these sessions above will be charged at £7.00

      Fees for children aged 3 and 4 years – EYFE sessions

      15 hrs Stretched Offer Universal (maximum 11 funded hours per week for 51 weeks per year = 561 hours)

      30 hrs Stretched Offer Extended (maximum 22 funded hours per week for 51 weeks per year = 1122 hours)

      Subject to Eligibility

      Please note an eligibility code is required for these hours which must be applied for termly in advance prior to the start of term


      Sessions Cost Amount of EYFE Hours 

      8 am – 1 pm = £28.25 Inc 2.75 

      8 am – 3.30 pm = £27.45 Inc 5.50

      8 am – 4.30 pm = £34.99 Inc 5.50

      1 pm – 6 pm = £27.70 Inc 2.75

      8 am – 6 pm = £36.50 Inc 5.50

      Hourly rates outside of these sessions above will be charged at £7.00


      FUNDED SESSIONS ONLY – subject to availability

      Sessions and Days Cost Does NOT include Additional Service’s below
      Monday & Friday Snacks
      9 am to 2.30 pm  FREE Nappies
      (11 hours per week) Wipes and Creams
      Singing groups
      Monday & Friday Local trips and visits 
      Plus 2 other days  FREE Sun Hats
      9 am to 2.30 pm

      Online Journals

      (22 hours per week)

      Christmas Gifts 


      Additional Service charge of £6.50 per session is payable for the above to be included.

      Please ask us about 2 years EYFE sessions and costs. 

      • The nursery is closed on all bank holidays, plus one week over the Christmas period.
      • Days cannot be swapped or given in lieu.
      • Set days cannot be swapped, however, if additional days are required, we are more than willing to accommodate you if there are vacancies.
      • Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any refunds due to a child’s absence due to holiday or sickness or offer alternative sessions in exchange.
      • If the nursery needs to close due to adverse weather conditions or exceptional circumstances unfortunately, we do not offer refunds or exchange sessions.
      • You need to provide four weeks notice
      • Fee’s are due for 52 weeks of the year 

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      Pepper-Pot Nursery and Pre-school is dedicated to providing first class care for every child in the Brighton & Hove area.

      01273 709 595

      39 Whippingham Road
      East Sussex
      BN2 3PF